What I Offer

I offer a belief that each of us is a unique and whole person. I offer to listen to you. Very carefully. I offer my respect and deep interest in who you are. As you are. I offer to join with you in a process of discovery.

In therapy I will focus on what’s important to you and what you want to talk about. What you tell me is held in confidence. I’ll share my thoughts and impressions with you in an honest, open way. I won’t tell you what to do, but I may challenge you to think or act outside your comfort zone. I will encourage you to experiment and to see what happens. I’ll ask that we both cultivate curiosity and genuine interest in your reactions, choices, hopes, and fears.

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What to Expect

My hope is that through therapy you will gain a deeper understanding of what’s troubling you. You’ll access your strengths and resilience, and will start to change patterns of thought and action that no longer work for you. While it’s not possible to change what has already happened, you can change how you relate to it, how you feel about yourself now, and how you will shape your future.

I have training in a variety of counseling approaches and we’ll find what works best for you. One form of therapy that I use, EMDR, is different than more traditional ‘talk’ therapy and can be very helpful. I’d be glad to tell you more about it, if it seems appropriate. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable with me, and that I’m the right therapist for you, so I offer a 30 minute consultation at no charge. Feel free to call me to make an appointment.

How long will it take?

Everyone is different and the length of counseling varies from person to person. In the beginning, I prefer to meet weekly so that the process feels alive and current. For some people, ongoing weekly sessions feel right. Others like more space between meetings. Still others may engage intensively until they’ve reached certain goals, and then they return sporadically to work through specific, situational concerns. It’s up to us, there’s no formula, no right or wrong way to do this.

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Who I See


I have experience and am comfortable working with people whose concerns include: anxiety, stress, fear of failure, restrictive and purging types of eating disorders, resolution of traumatic experiences (PTSD), grief, depression, loss, loneliness, poor self esteem, needing to feel perfect, relationship concerns and problems, life transitions.


I work with couples who are in committed relationships, including same and opposite sex couples, different race/culture couples, married and domestic partnerships, and non-domestic partnerships. I help with communication skills as needed, so that sensitive areas of the relationship can be explored openly and safely. Sometimes individual histories collide and it’s difficult to manage one’s own reactions. We work on what to do when this happens, and how to negotiate changing needs for space and contact.

The couples concerns I am most familiar with are: ineffective communication, lack of trust, trauma history for one or both partners, conflict resolution, sexual difficulties, loss of intimacy, financial disagreements.

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My Background

Prior to becoming a counselor I had a career in the arts, and this informs my belief in therapy as a creative, dynamic process. In addition to artistic work, many years of personal exploration and meditation practice have proven to be invaluable supports in staying present and open as a therapist. Although I’m serious about my work, I have a good sense of humor and have found that moments of lightness and laughter are very therapeutic too. On occasion I bring one of my dogs in as a co-therapist. Let me know if you are allergic or don’t care for dogs.

I’m a licensed professional counselor (LPC), and my practice is informed by depth psychology, attachment theory, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), mindfulness practice, somatic awareness, and transpersonal psychology. These approaches are complimentary, combining western and eastern psychological and spiritual traditions with well researched mind-body practices. I attend a variety of trainings yearly to stay current and to deepen my work as a therapist. I draw on the elements of each that are most useful for your particular needs. I have worked in many therapeutic settings with a variety of people.

MA in Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies
BFA in Dance, University of Michigan
EMDR training, levels 1 & 2, EMDR Institute
Trauma Healing Series, The Trauma Healing Project
Member of the ACA, ORMHCA

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Fees and Insurance

Sessions are 50-55 minutes long. Some people prefer to pay for sessions themselves, and others use insurance and have a co-pay. Unless we make another arrangement, payment is due at each session. I accept checks, cash, and credit/debit cards. I do keep a percentage of my practice open to people who are uninsured and cannot afford the full fee. Sliding scale openings are subject to availability.

I encourage you to find out about your insurance coverage prior to calling any therapist. This will make the process more efficient and less frustrating for you. I’m a preferred provider (in network) for several insurance companies: Pacific Source, Moda, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I may be covered by other insurance companies as an out of network provider as well. Your coverage is dependent on your carrier and on your particular plan. It’s important that you verify your benefits directly with your insurer, and I will do the same. Important questions to ask your insurer are:

Does your plan cover mental health benefits?
Does your plan reimburse for an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)?
What is your yearly deductible and how much of it has been met?
What is your co-pay (the amount you will pay to me) for an out-of-network provider versus a participating/preferred provider?

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Contact Me

My office is located in downtown Eugene on West 12th between Lawrence and Lincoln. It’s close to the University of Oregon, Sacred Heart Medical Center, and the LCC downtown campus.

372 West 12th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Please feel free to call me, I check messages throughout the day Monday through Friday and return calls as soon as possible.


You can also e mail me with questions or to schedule a time to meet.


Thanks for checking out this web site, and I wish you well in finding the help you are seeking.

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